Taunts bench before 3 goes in basket when Steph Curry torments Kings

Just ask his brother Seth Curry, who saw the Warriors guard put on a dribbling exhibition before draining a three-pointer in his face: Curry’s brother wasn’t the only Kings guard victimized. The Warriors guard also crossed up Rajon Rondo, showing off his quick handles before nailing a deep shot.

Making eight three-pointers and finishing with 38 points, Stephen Curry led the Golden State Warriors to a 128-116 victory over the Sacramento Kings on Saturday. Curry was in the zone all game and put on quite the show.

Perhaps Curry’s best “are you kidding me” play was when the Warriors whipped the ball around the perimeter midway through the fourth quarter. Curry got the ball in the corner and took a three-pointer. As soon as he shot the ball, Curry turned around stared down the Kings bench, while not even checking to see if he made the shot. He just knew.

On top of all that, Curry set an NBA 2K16 MT record by making at least eight three-pointers in seven games this season. Here are all eight of Curry’s three-pointers:38 points, an NBA record and Golden State’s league-leading 35th win. This was all in a night’s work for Curry, who is now averaging 29.5 points and shooting 44.8 from three.


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